The Homemaker

Photo by Ho'

About the Homemaker
H. likes long drinks on the beach, watching beautiful sunrises from the sidewalk when she’s too drunk to find her way home, and making baked goods. Although her obsessive-compulsive ways may seem to border on… well… the psychotic (she’s tidying as you read), she also knows the essentials of partying; namely, hanging out with THE PARTY.

The Party

Photo by Ho'

About the Party
P. would never admit it, but she likes nothing more taking relaxing bubble baths and chillin’ with her killer cats. She also lives for dance parties to music in her head. She’s deceptively intelligent and uses sarcasm like there’s no tomorrow, which are the only reasons THE HOMEMAKER tolerates her antics at all.


2 Responses to “About the Bloggers”

  1. Spaz-to-the-Max Says:

    Let’s get this party started….with some baked goods of course. Papow!

  2. ohthecalamity Says:

    Spazzy spasm Spazia,

    The party started when I met you. The stories you have given us… oh Lord, the STORIES. Keep ’em coming.

    Much love and cupcakes,
    – H.

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